Mr. Dunka from Merchandising for You

Mr. Dunka from Merchandising for You is one of our longterm clients, and he recently gave us a set of tips and tricks that he thinks would help our users. Check it out!

Merchandising for You is a young merchandising company that offers complex services to our customers. Our business has two components: First, we design, produce and deliver new products directly to our customers. Second, we create custom designed online stores for clients.

In both ways, we create new designs and products. We love challenges, so we’re not afraid of looking for new ways to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.

How do you use LogicalPlan?

We’re a relatively small team that works with multiple workspaces at once, so we use workspaces in a few ways – one of which is project management.

I’ve created a workspace just for my personal tasks, and we also have a workspace for operational tasks. Thanks to task groups I can organize our workspaces so everything can be more orderly.

We use workspace for client’s projects the most. Right after we get an order, I create a new workspace for it. As recommended, I plan it from back to front. First, I check to see what the project deadline is, then I create all the tasks and then drag them around on the timeline. Once I’ve arranged all the tasks in a way that allows me to meet the project’s deadline, I check user workload to make sure I haven’t overloaded anyone.

We currently have a couple of new clients and to be honest I can’t imagine how would I handle them without LogicalPlan.

Before we started using LogicalPlan, there were times that I would accidentally schedule two tasks from different projects during the same timeframe to the same team member. By the time I’d realize my mistake, it was usually too late, and my team member would have to try to rush two tasks under pressure. Unfortunately, since rushing work causes stress and often leads to errors, my mistake often would delay the project.

Before LogicalPlan, it was hard for my team to be able to work in a stable flow. Sometimes we had almost nothing to do, and a week later we had to work twice as hard just to catch the deadlines. We always got things done, so clients were satisfied, but I felt that this method was not suitable for my team. Now I’m able to immediately see my team’s workload capacity so I can promise my clients that we will deliver our products right on time without worrying that I’m overloading my team.

I really love Logiclaplan’s project timeline feature, which lets me instantly see how a project is going with just one click. When I’m talking to a client, I can show him the current state of his project right in the meeting, which helps me a lot. Clients usually don’t deliver materials on time, so we sometimes have to re-plan our projects almost every day. Thanks to the workspace timeline, I can easily re-plan all the tasks just by using drag and drop, which takes only seconds to do.

We currently have a couple of new clients, and to be honest I can’t imagine how would I handle them without LogicalPlan.

I’ve also started to use LogicalPlan’s Notes feature. The notes are hidden under the avatar, so I took me a while before I found them. I write things from meetings right into that, so I’m sure that I won’t forget anything. Notes are available also on mobile so I can write a note on my mobile and then access it from my desktop. It’s a small but helpful feature.

Does something feel like it’s missing in LogicalPlan?

Right now we’re missing a mobile application so we could receive notifications directly to our phone. Fortunately, the mobile app is on the product roadmap and should be finished by the end of this year.

I also miss time tracking, but again it will be solved by integration with time tracking software. I’m really looking forward to it because then I will be able to analyze how effectively we work on each project.

How challenging was it to start using a new tool in your company?

The biggest challenge is to change your habits. The application is easy to use, you just need to start using it. I actually had to make a rule against sending assignments over email since it had been the norm in our company for so long. Forwarding an email looks like it might be the easiest way to assign work, but soon you find out that you lost context. You don’t know what is done and what is not, so you spend hours searching for emails and you don’t even realize it.

What is the most significant added value of LogicalPlan from your perspective?

I think it brings order to our work. I have a complete overview of what we did, what we are working on and what are the next steps. I also don’t have to search through emails anymore.

It makes my work easier. I check LogicalPlan every day to see how things are going, at the end of the day I plan tasks according to the changes that happened during the day, then I leave without bringing stress from the office home. I don’t have to think about work anymore; everything is in LogicalPlan so I can fully enjoy my time with my family.

Would you recommend the application?

I already have. LogicalPlan has had a substantial positive impact on my company. Now, I can’t imagine life without that.


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