How to Convince Your Hesitant Employees to Adopt New Technology

Convincing your team to start using a new tool is challenging, especially if you’ve already tried in the past.

People are creatures of habit, and anything that can be seen as something that can disrupt that routine can often be greeted unenthusiastically, and sometimes even outright hostility.

But even if their team is receptive to the new tool, getting people to change their habits is typically the most significant challenge that team leaders face when migrating to a new system.

The best way to overcome this hurdle is to assure all team members that the tool is beneficial for everyone and that it will make your lives easier. Make sure they understand that this isn’t a tool that lets you micromanage more efficiently, but it will help them get more out of the time they’re spending on projects.

Highlight all the positives about switching to the new system, and make sure you give your team the opportunity to voice questions and concerns. Show them how this tool will have a positive impact on their work-life.

Encourage your team to approach this change with an open mind. If you hear a team member speaking about the tool in a negative way, take them aside and do your best to address their concerns. If they’re having a hard time understanding the tool, make sure you help them work through it and get to the point where they can use the system with confidence.

If you can show your team the value that the new tool will add to their lives, they will more readily accept and use it.

We know, we’ve been there – before creating LogicalPlan, we ran a digital marketing agency of our own. Over the years, we tested dozens of tools and tried many times to implement new systems without luck. After a while, we decided to approach the problem from a different angle.

To help you succeed, we want to give you a few tips and best practices that we’ve found extremely helpful.

First off, communicate. Outline the problem your organization is experiencing, then clearly communicate the solution that this new system brings.

For example, let’s say your team spends too much time planning out their work and their workflow isn’t consistent. When introducing the new system, lay out the problem to your team in a clear and defined way. Once they understand the issue, show them how this new software not only addresses the issue but makes their lives easier.

If they see that this new system will allow them to have everything they need in advance and in one place so they don’t have to go hunting for materials, you’ve demonstrated to them that you value them and you want to make their lives easier.

Clearly communicating problems and demonstrating that the new system will address your team’s issues will drastically increase the likelihood they will use the new system.

Have you tried these tips? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know!


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