How I Avoided Burnout and Found Work-Life Balance, and How You Can Too

You have a fantastic product that could change the world.

You have an amazing team behind you.

But there’s one huge problem: you’re starting to feel incredibly overwhelmed.

You have so much on your plate that you feel paralyzed and unable to figure out what you should do next.

You’re unable to focus on one thing because you feel like if you don’t keep an eye on everything at once, some part of your project will go spinning out of control.

As a manager, trust me, we’ve all been there.

We’ve all felt that feeling of despair while you try your best to keep everything under control just to watch helplessly while things inevitably go haywire.

But here’s the thing… Every manager who has felt this feeling and gotten past it will tell you that if you want things to change for the better, you have to do what you can to prevent that situation from happening.

They’ll tell you that it’s counter-productive to try to juggle ten things at once and deal with a soul-crushing amount of pressure.

To get rid of this feeling, you have to unload your mind.

Your brain has a limited work capacity; some scientists say that you’re only able to think and work creatively less than an hour a day. It’s important not to use up your valuable capacity with stressful thoughts or unproductive activities that can be avoided.

Unloading your mind will allow you to sleep soundly through the night without waking up and trying to remember if you gave a team member a critical assignment.

This realization is what drove me to add the “My Work” feature to LogicalPlan.

Unburdening yourself will help you find a healthy work-life balance. Since your mind will be clear, you can rest easy and develop better relationships with your friends and family.

How do I know all this? Well, let me tell you…

Years ago, I was in that same situation. I spent all day worrying about what was done, what wasn’t finished, whether I forgot to send an important email, what my team should be working on, and so on.

My mind was so overloaded that I wasn’t able to entirely focus on any one task, which means everything I did took longer than it should have.

When I got home, I typically ended up bringing work home with me in two ways:

  1. I’d literally bring things to work on back home and shut myself up in my office all night, or
  2. I wouldn’t be working on anything, but I’d spend my off time thinking and worrying about the project.

Sometimes this anxiety would keep me up at night. I’d be furiously scribbling notes about an issue that needed to be solved. This worrying was having a real adverse effect on my life.

After a few months, I realized that I was completely and utterly exhausted and that I was starting to reach my burnout point.

I realized then that I had to make a change.

To unload my mind, I realized I needed to become more organized. I needed a way to see all the work I had across all my projects in one place.

This realization is what drove me to add the “My Work” feature to LogicalPlan.


With LogicalPlan, I can see all the tasks on my plate on one central timeline.

It’s kind of like a to-do list, but better. With a to-do list, you can’t see your deadlines visually, so it’s more challenging to set daily priorities.

On an interactive timeline, you can see all the tasks you need to do, all the tasks you need to work on today, and which tasks you’ll be finishing in the next few days.

With this complete overview of your work, you’ll be able to focus on what you need to get done each day so you won’t waste time and brainpower trying to with that out on a daily basis (and worry that you left something important out.)

If you can focus strictly on the issues at hand, you can work much more effectively.

This method will help you not only lead a happier life at work but give you more stress-free time at home, vastly improving the quality of your life.


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