How I Effectively Manage my Remote Team with LogicalPlan

The nature of work is changing. Now more than ever, teams are moving towards the remote work culture.

This new culture opens new doors, bringing together talent from around the world for a common purpose – to create value.


Remote work presents us with boundless new opportunities, but it also poses new challenges to overcome, such as how to manage a team that works in different time zones and on different projects.

In remote work environments, gone are the days of watercooler gatherings and morning update meetings – everything is online.

This hurdle presents a considerable problem: ensuring your team works cohesively and effectively to meet deadlines.

As a manager of a remote team, I know and understand these challenges well.

Not only do you have to focus on managing your own countless projects and tasks, but also managing direct reports with your team’s projects and deadlines.

Add sporadic meetings to this equation, and it makes for a pressure-filled work week.

Even with the aid of software like Trello or Asana, the lack of face-to-face communication can lead to frustration.

So what do you do when you feel like you’re constantly treading water and feeling the pressure of projects that are continuing to build up?  

Typically, leads managers often react to this pressure by tightening their grip on their team members as they strive to gain control of what feels like a chaotic situation.

However, micromanagement is not the solution to this chaos, but a symptom. What makes remote workers so effective is the freedom to choose their own work style and schedule.

To eliminate this situation, something has to change.

The spontaneous nature of remote work is not a result of the manager but of the environment which is created in a remote environment.

To be effective, you need a tool which is capable of managing projects no matter the timezone or if the team leader is online – it must be self-sustaining.

This realization is what led me to integrate LogicalPlan into my remote teamwork culture.

Providing your team with a management tool such as LogicalPlan, not only aids you as a manager but empowers your team to take charge of their workflow.

How, you might ask? Let me show you…

The frustration that builds up in remote teams is separating out the various projects and their deadlines from each other.

Add on top of that, is the juggling act of keeping deadlines while also keeping track of your tasks which accompany those projects.

Who is doing what? For what project? And at what time?

LogicalPlan can be broken down into three parts which all lead to more effective and healthy team collaboration.

Workspaces – Team Workload – My work.

With the Workplaces feature, you can segment out the various projects on your team’s plate.

Once a workspace has been created, you can separate tasks using a color-coded timeline which allows you as a manager to understand the status of your project at first glance.

The workspace feature may sound familiar if you have used other project management software in the past.

What makes this software stand out from the rest is the integration with the Team Workload feature.

The Team Workload feature automatically pulls all the tasks from your various workspaces into one central location, sorted by the responsible team member.

This means that you have a top-level view of your remote teams work capacity and competing priorities.

Such knowledge is priceless to a remote manager, as it allows for quick adjustments, ensuring deadlines are met with minimal frustration.

As a manager for a flexible, remote team you have to focus not only on ensuring your team is accomplishing their goals but that your own tasks are being accomplished.

It is often hard to set apart your individual responsibility from that of your team, but with the My Work feature, it becomes a thing of ease.

My Work will automatically pull all of your assigned tasks into one localized space, identifying the moving pieces necessary to accomplish your tasks in relation to other team members, deadlines, and priorities.

Gone are the days of being interrupted in a task by my team members looking for guidance on priorities and tasks.

With LogicalPlan, this process is streamlined, giving my team more time to work on projects and more importantly – more time to create even greater value for our organization.

It is clear – LogicalPlan is a necessary element in today’s remote work environment.

With this top-level view on project management, LogicalPlan should be in every remote manager’s toolbox.


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