Take Back Control of Your Workflow with LogicalPlan

Deadlines are a necessary part of every team, after all, it is hard to run a race when you don’t know where to find the finish line.

Despite their necessity, deadlines add stress to every team. As you rush to catch deadlines, your team may find itself working against the clock, which can lead to frustrations in the best of teams.

Other times, there are days where you receive materials from a client, only to find them incomplete, leaving your team hanging as you eye the approaching deadline.

These inconsistencies in the workflow can leave any team in chaos, as they swing back and forth between being rushed and impatient stagnation, waiting for the necessary information to complete projects.

These are not the signs of a streamlined and productive workflow.

Chaos in any team’s workflow, may it be sales or marketing, can leave long-lasting adverse effects in the team environment.

As time progresses, you may find your team members disheartened, impatient, and frustrated with the work they’re doing.

These symptoms can poison a healthy work culture which should give any team leader pause. After all, the team that creates the most value is usually always the team that is happy to start work in the morning.

If you are experiencing this problem on your own team, don’t feel disheartened.

Inconsistent workflows happen because we are all human and we are not capable of thinking about everything, all the dependencies at once.

But what if I told you that there is a tool out there that could help your workflow?

A tool which would do the majority of the workflow thinking for you. A tool that would allow you to see all your projects, your team workload, and dependencies all in one place.

LogicalPlan is the perfect solution to the never ceasing workflow. With LogicalPlan, you can spend less time planning and more time producing value for your company.

We speak from experience.

When we ran a digital marketing agency, we found ourselves in this position often.

Hurrying to catch a deadline, overloading team members and expecting them to produce miracles to catch deadlines, and waiting expectantly for materials from clients which often arrive later than desired.

This volatile workflow had a negative impact on our team and also on us. We would get jazzed about a new project, only to find we were missing important pieces.

This is why we developed three simple steps that helped us stabilize our overall team workflow.

First, we handed ownership of gathering materials from clients to one team member. This team member is responsible for contacting the clients and reminding them of their own deadlines for delivering materials.

Even if your clients struggle to make these deadlines, having a team member take responsibility for this task will give you advance warning as deadlines approach. This will make great strides in reducing your wait time for materials from clients.

The second step to reducing workflow stress is to visualize your dependencies. What tasks of materials are necessary for your team to accomplish their goals?

Last, but not least, create a team workload overview with LogicalPlan. With LogicalPlan, this becomes a breeze instead of a constant task.

Using software like Asana, you are able to write down tasks and add a deadline, but then the whole plan falls apart, and you don’t know why.

The simple answer is that just writing down tasks and deadlines don’t give your team the full picture, you often end up scheduling tasks for different projects at the same time.

This is because you don’t have a bird’s eye view of not only your own work capacity but your teams.

With LogicalPlan, all of your team’s tasks, deadlines, and dependencies get pulled into one team workload overview.

When you can see all of your team members work capacity and priorities contrasted against the team’s deadlines, ineffective workflows will be a thing of the past.

One of the most desired human emotions is the feeling of certainty. It grounds us and makes us feel more in control of our lives and our work.

If you are ready to take back control of your team’s workflow, I hope you have found our advice helpful.

Decide on a team member to manage client deadlines for materials, start visualizing your team’s dependencies, and get to work on the team workload overview.

Using these three steps, racing against the clock to meet deadlines will be a distant memory for your team.

If you want to do all those things in one simple tool, then sign up for the LogicalPlan trial.


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