Which Project Management Methodology Is Best for A Digital Marketing Firm?

While project management methodologies were originally created with industries like construction and manufacturing in mind, developments over time have made it necessary and fruitful to employ these same methodologies in a wide range of industries.

Marketing projects have become more complex, multi-faceted, and started to involve larger teams of people who may not all be in the same location. Add this to the fact that marketing firms and agencies may have multiple projects on the go for different clients, and you can see how project management methodologies have become an important tool for marketing firms.

The question is, which project management methodology works best for marketing agencies? Although every marketing team is different, one of the most popular projects management methodologies is agile, so let’s look at how this could help your marketing team reach success in all its projects.

Agile management for marketing firms

The agile methodology is a good choice for teams and projects that are always in flux, which perfectly describes the world of marketing. Especially in digital marketing, things are always changing.

The way audiences interact with content and brands changes, as well as the kinds of content they interact with and the platforms they use to do so. New technologies and new products are coming out faster than ever, which means marketing teams need to be able to adapt quickly, and agile management is a great way to achieve this.

Agile is a flexible approach to project management. It is not concerned with following rigid processes and documenting everything. It places its focus on interactions, collaboration, and change. You can read more about these principles in the Agile Manifesto.

Compared to the waterfall methodology, agile is more of a constant cycle than a top-down approach. Outcomes are constantly being worked on, delivered, and then reviewed so that any necessary changes can be implemented to ensure that the next outcomes are better than the last, wherever improvement is possible.

This chart summarizes the way this cycle works in agile project management:

Agile project management


Agile combined with…

Agile project management doesn’t have to exist in a vacuum. If this methodology isn’t the perfect fit for your team, then feel free to tweak it with the help of other methodologies. You can keep the principles of agile while adopting aspects of the Scrum framework, for example. Or you can follow agile while using Kanban to visualize your project’s progress and plan its next steps.

Project management methodologies are there to help you complete projects more efficiently and successfully, not to restrict your team’s creativity and process. So, learn more about the different types of project management methodologies and experiment with them in your marketing team to see which methodology or combination of methodologies is right for you.

If you’re looking for a project management tool to help you implement any of the above methodologies, then try out LogicalPlan to see how it can transform your team’s processes.


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