How can using a mind map increase your productivity

There is no need for an introduction as mind mapping is well known by now, especially in the project management sector. It is used to analyze, solve problems and brainstorm ideas with a bonus of its visual aspects that are useful to team leaders and members.

Mind mapping is a powerful tool where you can create, discuss and dig into tasks, break them up into smaller parts, divide them between members and actively participate in projects with the benefit of not losing track.

As children learn to draw, they start with a round circle as a face, they add hands, body, and legs, and later they might add hair, facial features, and if they are very observant they add some in-depth features like freckles, but essentially it all started with that circle head.


Mind mapping works just like that. The main idea is always the essence, the core idea or a problem that needs to be solved. Subtopics and other tasks rise from there and create the hem; they expand the focal point as it evolves.

As a project manager, you can use a variety of tools from simple ones like a whiteboard in the meeting room to brainstorm ideas on, to the complex ones like mind mapping software like LogicalPlan.
Mind maps can also work as a single person tool looking at team dynamics and the strengths of its members.

Mind maps are frequently created at the initial stages of the project prior to launching it. This displays a visual overview so the team can easily determine the resources required in order to complete the project.

Expressing ideas visually makes it easier for many people to further examine and develop them. It enhances the free flow of their minds. Mind maps are enjoyable to build, you could almost say it is a form of an artwork compared to standard project management software used for analysis and problem-solving.

Why don’t you give your next project a chance and develop it with LogicalPlan? Let your ideas be transformed into artwork with tasks and steps to guide you and your team in accomplishing it. It is a visual environment, simple yet thorough with everything you need in one place.


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