Manage your agency with ease

Managing an agency is extremely challenging especially now when a lot of clients are in trouble. To keep your agency alive and profitable you have to be highly effective. We believe that you need to cover three core functions to stay effective.

  1. project management and communication
  2. team planning
  3. time tracking and reporting

Once you realize how important those things are, then you move on to find the right tools that will help you make it much easier. Since you are creative thinking people, then you are looking for simple and beautiful tools. Thanks to the latest technologies you will definitely find a good fit for each part.

Project management and communication

There are many great tools like Trello or others, that helps you to manage your tasks. Those tools usually cover also the communication within the project which is really important. There is no bigger waste of time than searching the email.

Team planning 

This is a more advanced process. We call it team planning or resource management. Once your projects are planned this helps you to make sure than each team member will work mostly on billable tasks. It also helps to identify if someone is overloaded and could cause a delay in the projects. On the other side, it will also show you if you need someone on a full time or you can switch to part-time and save some money. There are few tools that help you with that, but most of the companies are using an excel sheet for this.

Time tracking and reporting

You can manage only things that you can measure. That is why it is extremely important to track your time. During the time we were an agency we increased our revenue by 20% just by starting doing that. Before that, we billed our clients less, because we thought that the things we were working on took less time than it really did.

Do those three things make you more effective?

Definitely, but it will be challenging. You will have to plan your project in the project management tool, then fill all the tasks again into the team planning tool and finally fill all those data third time into a time tracking tool.

This doesn’t sound really effective, right?

  • Some of the tools make it easier thanks to the integrations, but there are still disadvantages. You will have to learn how to work with three systems.
  • You will have to teach each team member how to work with them.
  • You will pay for each of them. 
  • The tools are usually focused on a broader audience, so they are full of great features, but in most cases, you don’t need all of them. That’s why we have built LogicalPlan.
  • LogicalPlan is a project management tool that is optimized for the need for digital and marketing agencies. We believe that we build a simple and beautiful tool that makes your work as a manager much easier and effective.
  • LogicalPlan provides the core functions for digital and marketing agencies which makes it simpler and still very powerful. That’s why using Logicalplan will save you a lot of time and money.

Let’s check how much using LogicalPlan will save you in 10 members’ agency compare to others.


  • project management
  • resource planning
  • time tracking and reporting

10 users x 13 EUR/month =  130 EUR/month
And you can invite an unlimited number of clients to collaborate.


  • project management tool 12 EUR x 10 users = 120 EUR
  • team planning  11 EUR x 10 users  = 110 EUR
  • time tracking and reporting  10 EUR x 10 users = 100 EUR
  • TOTAL 330 EUR/month

With Logicalplan you can save more than 200 EUR/month!

So let’s give it a shot.





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